Paddock Grass Seed - Acre Pack
- This grass seed mixture will provide excellent grazing for horses or ponies as its very palatable
- Will produce a dense sward and have the ability to repair itself
- Acknowledged as leading the field for equine usage
- Designed for horses, racehorses and ponies
- Can be cut for hay
- Added Timothy increases grass palatability
- Strong creeping red fescue produces a strong, dense turf to increase sward resilience under hoof
- Self repairs after damage
- Prostrate growth habit that is easy to manage

Paddock Grass Seed - Acre Pack

  • 2.00kg KIMBER Perennial Ryegrass

    4.00kg BOYNE Perennial Ryegrass

    4.00kg FOXTROT Perennial Ryegrass

    1.50kg COMER Timothy

    0.50kg BROOKLAWN Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass

    2.00kg MAXIMA Strong Creeping Red Fescue
    14.00 kg per acre