How to sow Grass Seed.

Please read the below guide to create a superb weed free lawn.

Key points to seeding a lawn 

  • Good quality seed

  • Even distribution of seed

  • Constant moisture

  • Soil Temperature (between 9-12 degrees)

  • Soil Contact (the seed need to be touching the soil)

  • Watering

Step 1 Preparation;

The ground preparation is the most important step for the future and establishment of your lawn. If you don’t do a good job the results won’t be as impressive, so we recommend to spend a little extra time to make your end result excellent.


If there is existing grass then remove by using a spade to remove the grass or if it’s a larger area hire a turf cutter (most local hire stores have them) If there is weeds, then the area needs to be sprayed off with a glyphosate weed killer.


Then clear the area thoroughly from stones to get a great clean soil free from weeds and stones or anything on the soil. Then the area needs leveling out with a rake to create a level smooth area. If your soil isn’t very good or it needs leveling out buy topsoil and level out with either a digger or a rake.

Shaded Areas Grass Seed

Step 2 Seeding;

You can broadcast the seed by hand or you can buy a spreader off our our website which will make it easier for larger areas. Using the spreader it wants the shutter to be roughly a third open but if the seed is getting jammed or if its very stiff open the shutter more to be half open. Its sometimes a good idea to try and cover the area evenly with half of the amount of seed you have and then go back over the area with the other half leaving some seed spare for if you need to fill in any patches you may have missed.

Be careful when seeding near your flower bed as any seed split in the flower beds will grow grass. So the main thing is to be patient and not spill any seed in any areas you don’t want grass to grow.

You can also add a pree seeder fertiliser to the area, after or before you add the seed.

Step 3 Watering;

As a rule of thumb most of the year you want to be watering the seed once a day, but if it’s very dry the water once in the morning and once on the night.

If your seeding in summer you will most likely find that your soil is very dry so its essential that you water the soil area to turn the powdery soil into a more moist soil. If its very dry then it’s best to give it a heavy water before you put seed on.

Once the seed has been sown you must not flood the area, just water it gradually with either a sprinkler or a hose pipe with a fine spray.

The key is to never let the soil, or the seed dry out.

Step 4 Mowing;

Depending on the seed used and the soil temperature you should start to see some green grass shooting out of the seed within 14 days. If you have seen anything the chances are you haven’t watered it enough. When the grass gets to 5-6cm all over the area its time for the first cut.

On the first cut set the lawn mower to the highest setting and simply top the grass by taking off around 1-2cm still leaving it long for the first 4- 5 cuts. Repeat this process until you have had 4-5 cuts then you can gradually start bring the cutting height down as it gets more established making the grass shorter each time.