Seeding a New Lawn

Updated: Apr 30, 2018


Does your lawn look tired?

Ready for a renovation?

Look no further here is how to sow a new lawn by Prestige Seeds......

Step 1 - Removing existing grasses

You want to start off by running your lawnmower all over lawn on the lowest setting so

that there is as little grass left as possible. Then there are two options; you can hire a turf cutter from a local DIY store to take all the top layer off the whole area you are going to seed. Or you can hire a rotivator/cultivator to turn over the grass making it great even surface it looks abit like when you see a field after being plowed.

Step 2 - Preparation

The result of your lawns finish is due to your preparation, so its worth the little extra effort. You want to get a sterile seed bed to make sure you get no weeds coming through. Weeds are very clever because when you turn over or disturb the soil there a thousands of weed seeds that come to the top of the surface and they will germinate causing lots of natural weeds. To eliminate the chances of this happening you need to spray off the area with glyphosate (a weed killer available on our website) Then add a good quality top soil and rake the surface evenly.

Step 3 Ordering

Your all prepared and ready to sow the grass seed? Then visit our website - Select the product you need for example Hardwearing Grass Seed or Shady Grass Seed. Add it to your basket and order it to where you need it delivering! We will have it at your doorstep within 3 working days. #easy #freedelivery

Step 4 - Seeding

Its really simple to seed, if its a small lawn you can use your hands and simply broadcast it on, but we recommend using a spreader to ensure a even amount of seed is broadcasted onto the soil (available on our website). Just add the seed to your spreader and put it on a medium setting which allows a steady flow of grass seed through. Go over the area covering the soil evenly with seed. Then Roll over the seed or walk over it to create soil contact.

Step 5 - Maintenance

You want to water the grass seed every day for two weeks you should start to see growth coming through after a week depending on the weather. Once the grass has come through to approximately 6cm you want to top it with your lawn mower (use the highest setting to just trim the top) Once its more established you will be able to cut it shorter. Fertilisers are great to bring the lawn back to life when its looking rougher over time and get it a nice dark green colour, we have a wide range available for all the different times of the year.

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