Moss Control

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Moss Control

Due to all the wet weather moss have become a huge problem all across the UK causing havock to your lawn. The below article will show you how to treat moss or even get rid of it if the correct steps are followed!


From having a lack of airflow in yours soil causes compaction and then cannot hold or drain water. This creates a unhealthy unactive lawn.

Aeration is the key to fix your issue! Just hire/buy a aerator from a local diy store and go around creating holes to let air in and make your soil breath! If you have a smaller garden you could go around with a garden fork creating holes! If its too compacted to get the fork in water the lawn or wait unit its rained to spike it. 

Iron Sulphate

By using Iron sulphate it will green up the grass and also blacken the moss. Its best to use when its cool wet conditions to help it go deep into the moss and reduce any possibility of any type of damage to the grass. Its best to apply a lower rate first time and apply twice rather than going too strong.


Fertilisers are a great way to treat diseases and too bring your lawn back to life! We sell a Vitax Weed and feed fertiliser reccomended to treat your moss. You should apply to at 62 grams per square meter. The moss will go black leave for 10-14 days and rake out the dead moss

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