Fertilising the Lawn

Why use Fertiliser?

Fertilising is an essential part of maintaining your lawn, if its not given feed then its been starved of its nutrients and therefore its starved of its dark green healthy appearance.

The below steps will help you know more about feeding your lawn and the different times of year to feed -

Spring and Summer Fertilising

Plan to apply the spring fertiliser sometime in April to May depending on the weather of course. You have to be flexible and change your plans depending on the weather. It is purely determined on how the weather is warming up. Once you have had a couple of cuts you should be good to fertilise. You can reapply after around 14 weeks after the application. We have a Vitax Spring and Summer Fertiliser you can purchase on our site.

Autumn Lawn Feed

Autumn treatments need to be timed correctly its when its started to be cooler than summer but not as late as November. If apply nitrogen too late in the year you can bring on diseases in your lawn, so dont apply too late. Depending on the weather its usually best to apply between August and September. We have a Vitax Autumn Fertiliser you can purchase on our site.

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Weed and Feed Fertiliser with Moss Killer

The Weed and feed is recommended to use in damper conditions as it will blacken the grass slightly, but if its too dry it will scorch it so apply in sensible conditions. We sell a Vitax Weed and feed fertiliser that will prevent weeds and moss. You should apply at 62 grams per square meter. The moss will go black leave for 10-14 days and rake out the dead moss after it will go a darker shade of green.

Apply after cutting

You should apply fertiliser straight after cutting the grass so that its not sat ontop and it means you have lots more time to go into the soil than having to cut your grass and lose some fertiliser in the mower.

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